We are your strategic problem-solvers in the language & global content industry.

We work with Enterprise Localization Teams, Language Service Providers and Life Sciences Companies

just like you, to fuel your growth and expansion.

We address your challenges and problems across a range of disciplines.

Think of us as a team of external experts,

who work side by side with your internal team to assure your business outcomes and growth.

Our approach is practical and no-nonsense

and our solutions, customized and delivered with urgency.
Your strategic solutions partners in the language & global content industry.

Our team, like our industry, is multidisciplinary and comes from a range of backgrounds and experiences.

We solve problems and challenges around: 


  • Business strategy and transformation
  • Technology and innovation
  • Talent & Quality Management
  • Learning & Development needs
  • Life Sciences Language Systems & Solutions
  • Production expertise and training
  • LSP Growth, Sales and Marketing


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Our Solutions

Growth & transformation solutions for Enterprises, LSPs, & Life Sciences Companies 


Our Approach

Multidisciplinary team with diverse backgrounds and experiences

Practical, no-nonsense solutions tailored to your unique needs

Rapid delivery and unwavering commitment to your success

Tangible Business Outcomes for Leaders Like You

Discover how we’ve helped localization leaders become the heroes of their organizations

Why Choose Magic Beans Agency

Deep industry expertise and a proven track record

Agile, adaptive & afforable approach to meet evolving market demands

Passionate about driving innovation and growth in the language industry

People Seem to Like Us

Our team is personable, practical and pragmatic.

We are adept at understanding your unique reality and providing real-world solutions to achieve tangible results. 

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