You Are Used to Struggle and Change....

Overcome your challenges and accelerate your LSP's Transformation with our support & guidance.

As an LSP Leader...

you could say dealing with change and stress is in your DNA.


Over the last 20 years you’ve witnessed major technological advances, giant leaps in client-side expectations, and a massive expansion of our industry


You have also seen rising costs, reduced word rates and the difficulties of identifying and retaining real talent.


You compete in a highly crowded market, and growth is not easy.


Customers can be uneducated or unreasonable and it’s hard to stand out from companies offering similar solutions.


Challenges and Complexity abound, it doesn’t seem to get any easier.


But we are here to help.

Localization Services That Solve Your Toughest Challenges

Comprehensive solutions designed to help you get stuff done quickly and efficiently

Localization Strategy

Align your efforts with global growth objectives and get buy-in from stakeholders, even when resources are tight

Language Technology

Streamline your workflow with the right tools and integrations without adding to your team’s workload

Translation Quality

Ensure your brand shines in every language while keeping up with increasing volumes and shrinking timelines

Localization Talent

Build and nurture a high-performing team that can handle changing requirements and shifting priorities

Language Operations

Establish efficient and scalable processes that help you manage multiple stakeholders and complex projects with ease


Upskill your team with best practices and cutting-edge techniques that improve consistency and reduce manual effort

Why Localization Managers Partner with Magic Beans Agency

We get it. You want to be the localization rockstar, but you also have a lot on your plate.


Tap into the knowledge of seasoned professionals who’ve been in your shoes

Tailored Solutions

Get a customized approach that fits your unique needs and goals, not a one-size-fits-all package

Proven Results

Achieve measurable improvements in your localization KPIs, without the guesswork

Strategic Partnership

Gain a long-term ally who’s invested in your success, not just trying to sell you stuff

Localization Success Stories from People Just Like You

Discover how we’ve helped localization managers become the heroes of their organizations

Meet the Magic Beans Agency Experts

Our team of seasoned localization professionals is ready to help you achieve your global goals

Robert Martin

Senior Localization Strategist
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Senior Localization Strategist


Senior Localization Strategist

Localization Insights & Resources to Keep You Ahead of the Game

Stay on top of industry trends, best practices, and tips to make your job easier

Amazing Places To Visit In Summer

How To Dress In Red Style

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